CB3S Robotics

ChinaBridge Group is an integrated business company with more than 20 years of development and sales of consumer and industrial products, and has long-term cooperation with many first-class multinational companies. The company is located in the center of the Shenzhen Bay Area, with branches in Hong Kong and Europe.

ChinaBridge Robotics is a leading manufacturer of robots and systems for stamping machine in China. Its products include gantry robots and four-axis stamping robots, which are widely used in the automatic production line of stamping parts for automobile and household products.

ChinaBridge Robotics has the industry's top R&D capabilities. Its core technology is based on well-known universities such as Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Googol Research Institute and Shanghai Jiaotong University. The advanced glink-II gigabit industrial bus and integrated drive&control have been used on robots and systems.

Our customers include well-known companies such as Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Samsung, and Panasonic. ChinaBridge Robotics will persist in technological innovation, provide the best products and technical services, and create value for customers.

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